During the exhibition | Beijing CIMT Exciting performance

4month 10 day , The 18th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT 2023) Grand Opening at Beijing China International Exhibition Center , The exhibition hall has reached a scale of 14 10000 square meters , Attracted 28 Countries and regions 1600 M

Muge ordered the arrival of the car milling composite proces

7month 9 day , Mug Precision Tools ( Hangzhou ) The limited company has successfully received the first domestic device DMG Turning and milling composite machining center , The turning milling complex processing center successfully entered the factory thr

Growing in team building!

In order to increase “ family ” cohesive force , Dear everyone “ Senior parents ” Priority guided by , Organized an expansion trip 。 “ Line up 、 rectify ” , High participation does not affect the orderly implementation of activities 。 We climbed Mount

How to set up a large disc cutter in the CNC tool library?

Only when the tool magazine cannot be used normally , Its importance will be remembered again by people 。 Because it’s too common , Everyone has long been accustomed to using a normal knife magazine 。 A machining center without a tool library can only be

How to improve molds 、 The service life of cutting tools

The instability of metallic and non-metallic materials can lead to production instability , The problem of excessive reliance on manual labor has been troubling us all along

The structural form of CNC tool holder

The structural forms of tool holders for CNC machine tools are divided into : There are two types of integrated and modular。

What are the classifications of cutterheads

The cutterhead is a cutting disc body with multiple feed grooves , Located at the front end of the shield machine , Used for cutting soil。

Surface coating method for designing cutting tools

The surface of industrial cutting tools usually requires design optimization , The commonly used method is the surface coating of materials 。 Through carbides of high hardness metals 、 Composite of nitrides and oxides , Can adjust the performance of indiv

The difference between CNC high-speed cutting tools and trad

CNC high-speed cutting tool machining is an important advanced manufacturing technology in mold manufacturing , Efficient collection , high quality , Advanced manufacturing technology with low energy consumption 。 Compared to traditional cutting processin

Representative CNC needle rolling mill chuck non-standard to

The CNC needle roller milling chuck is a powerful non-standard tool holder , Relatively representative , Acicular axis

The advantages of the tool holder system on cutting tools

1.Not self-locking , Can achieve fast tool loading and unloading 。 2. Under the axial tension of the pull rod, the cone of the handle of the knife , Tightly in contact with the inner cone surface of the spindle 。 3. relatively speaking , The cos

UThe structural characteristics of drilling and cutting tool

uDrill is a cutting-edge high-performance cutting tool in modern times , It enables efficient insertion drilling in CNC machine tool processing 、 Boring 、 Spiral interpolation and cross hole boring become possible , And by using u Drilling to achieve good
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